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Thor Guard - Lightening Prediction System



You might have heard horn blasts through the community and golf course or wondered why our amenities were temporarily unavailable. Eagle Creek employs a tool to ensure the safety of our members and guests year-round, especially during the thunderstorm season. This tool is called Thor Guard.

Since 2009, Eagle Creek has relied on Thor Guard, a highly precise lightning prediction system widely employed throughout North America. In 2020, we enhanced our protection by transitioning to ThorGuard 360, boasting superior lightning prediction capabilities and incorporating a built-in weather station for 'all clear' forecasts. Notably, this upgrade includes an alert system that notifies all employees when the system shifts into red alert mode, heightening safety during work activities.

How to Monitor Thor Guard:

Members can make informed decisions by checking Thor Guard through the following channels:

  • Thor Guard alert systems are installed at Crystal Lake, the Golf Maintenance building and throughout the golf course. Listen for the horn blasts as described below, depending which mode the system is in.
  • Eagle Creek mobile app under the “Weather” tab.
  • The Eagle Creek website "Weather" tab: Weather tab
  • Alternatively, ThorGuard 360 can be directly monitored using the following link: ThorGuard 360


What it means: The atmosphere is unstable with the potential for nearby lightning.

What will happen: Staff will carefully monitor the system and inform members that we are in CAUTION mode and that a RED ALERT could be imminent. 

What to do: During periods of expected storm activity, members and their guests should stay aware of this advance warning and plan their activities accordingly.

Red Alert

What it means: Thor Guard has predicted lightning in the vicinity, making it unsafe to be outdoors. A LONG HORN BLAST will sound.

What will happen: All golf operations will cease during a RED ALERT and will only resume once the ALL CLEAR is sounded. Staff will notify anyone on the golf course or in the pool signaling that Thor Guard has entered Red Alert mode.

What to do:  If you are on the golf course or in the pool, pack up immediately and seek shelter. If you are outside, you should also seek safe shelter.

All Clear

What it means: The threat of lightning in the area has passed.

What will happen: Following a RED ALERT, three short horn blasts will signal an ALL CLEAR. Operations will resume as usual.

What to do: Enjoy your time on the golf course, pool or outdoor areas!

For the safety of members and employees, please note that staff cannot assist in any way during a RED ALERT. If you choose to walk, it is at your own discretion.

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